born 6.6.2005, tricolour female
CEA/PRA/Kat. negative (6,5 weeks)
Mother: Sorbonne Black Moravske srdce "Bony"
Father: Knick-Knack Bohemia Platina
owners: Smazinkovi, Lhota u Paclavic (CZ)


25. 4. 2006 - In Lhota u Paclavic - Smazinkovi
owners of our Arria

Smazinkovi Kuba with Arria Mrs. Smazinkova with Arria
Veronika, Bonnie and Arria Arria: Who are you? My mother? Really?
Bonnie and Arria Freddie and Arria Arria Sol Oriens
Arria Sol Oriens Arria Sol Oriens Arria Sol Oriens
Arria Sol Oriens Fredy: And who are you? A turtle :-)



Allegro and Accord - 6,5 weeks Aurora and Arria - 6,5 weeks the litter "A" - 6,5 weeks
6,5 weeks 5 weeks 4 weeks
the litter "A" - 3 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks
3 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks
the litter "A" - 2 weeks 1 week 1 week
the litter "A" - 1 week 1 day 1 day



Bohemia Platina
37 cm, gold
ICh. Little Lord
z Dablovy studanky
38 cm, gold
Ch. Bridemoor´s Guest of Honour
Baileys z Dablovy studanky
Admirable Queen Platina CS
34 cm, tricolour
ICh. Melinas Sonand Heir
Scarlett O´Hara z Dablovy studanky

Sorbonne Black
Moravske srdce
CEA/PRA/KAT negative
35 cm, tricolour

exams from obedience:
ICh. Icy Magic
Snezny tygr
CEA/PRA/KAT negative
37 cm, blue-merle
Ch. Magic-Black Fatranský sen
CEA/PRA/KAT negative, 37,5 cm, tricolour
Ch. Annel Blue Vetrny dvur CS
34 cm, blue-merle
Romance Black
Moravske srdce
36 cm, tricolour
Ceso Moravske srdce CS
35 cm, tricolour
Joppa Moravske srdce
35 cm, gold